Year 2022
May 2022
Great World, Tanglin Mall
6235 2936

Q2 Seasonal Offerings

24 May 2022
31 Jul 2022

SaladStop! welcomes spring with fresh new flavour experiences. Celebrating with the rest of our planet loving friends this Earth Month, we bring you TWO clean plant-based proteins. We make sustainability tasty, with a Jackfruit Meatball using KARANA's young jackfruit and a Smokey BBQ plant-based chicken, our very own house brand. You'll have the experience of meat with less calories! As a light side, the clear tofu broth is a healthy, comforting sip with your meal.

Valid till 31 Jul 2022. Visit stores at Great World (#B1-128) or Tanglin Mall (#B1-129) for details.