Year 2022
November 2022

Christmas Rhapsody

26 Nov 2022
25 Dec 2022


Enjoy great classical & Christmas pieces from 26 Nov - 25 Dec 2022 (every Fri, Sat & Sun, except 24 Dec) at Level 1, near Zion Road Entrance. 



26 NOV 2022, SATURDAY, 4PM

Jean is a dedicated professional who has been highly sought after for her passionate teaching by parents. She has many lovely students under her wings, all enthralled by her unique way of imparting music.

Performers: Metis & Tiffany (Students of Jean)



26 NOV 2022, SATURDAY, 5PM

Euterpe Music School was founded by Winnie Wu in 2012. The school is committed to giving students a solid foundation in music, including musical ear, rhythm sense and quick reading score ability.

Performers: Ron Wang Shitong, Bryan Li, Emily Li & Huang Xuantong Sophia (Students of Euterpe Music School)

25 DEC 2022, SUNDAY, 3.30PM & 5PM

Performers: Zachary Ng Si Peng, Phoebe Ng Si Yaw, Sun Rongjia Rogers, Sun Chenxing Sophie & Zoe Miaoyi Zhou (Students of Euterpe Music School)



27 NOV 2022, SUNDAY, 2PM, 3.30PM & 5.30PM

Committed to piano education in Singapore, the two co-founders graduated from the world's top 10 music conservatories. All teachers in GL Piano Education have undergone professional training and the school focuses on helping children grasp basic piano skills and training their musical expressions. The school provides individual piano lessons at students' places and has established the best group explorer classes for young beginners in Singapore.

Performers: Xu Xingyi, Matthew Xue, Mily Xue, Mo Zixuan, Sandy Sun Wan, Luke, Shang YunPeng, Sean, Song Meilin Camilla & Song Shuailin Carey (Students of GL Piano Education)


4 DEC 2022, SUNDAY, 2PM, 3.30PM & 5.30PM

Performers: Teng Jingen, Jin Ling, Kayden Chua, Ge Xinzhi, Ryan Xu, Sun Moxuan, Youan, Xinxuan & Chen Yilian (Students of GL Piano Education)


18 DEC 2022, SUNDAY, 2PM, 3.30PM & 5.30PM

Performers: Rui Xin, Sitong, Jasper Fan Hongpeng, Gao Shangchen Mike & Nattapol (Students of GL Piano Education)



2 DEC 2022, FRIDAY, 7PM

Li Meng is a passionate teacher who graduates from the Royal College of Music (London) with a Bachelor of Music (Honours). Li Meng is also active in the performance scene, appearing with Orchestras like the Musicians' Initiative and regularly accompanying soloists in various competitions across Singapore.

Performers: Wei Yuxi, Alexa & Andie (Students of Meng Piano)



3 DEC 2022, SATURDAY, 4PM & 5PM

Edumentum is an outstanding music studio in the Northern part of Singapore. They focus on effective pedagogical piano techniques to cater to students of all ages.

Their teachers are fully dedicated and, with rich teaching experience, enable them to share a wide breadth of musical knowledge with their students. The various awards, excellent grading results and the student's interests are the strong testaments of Edumentum.

Performers: Sean Zhang Ji Xiao, Meng Ying Xi, Yu Tang Yin, Lian Chen Xi, Yang Yun Chu, Zhong Yu Xi, Luo Zheng Cheng & Shalom Ng (Students of Edumentum Piano)



9 DEC 2022, FRIDAY, 7PM

Emily Wang is a Master's degree piano teacher in Singapore with 15 years of teaching experience. She is also the judge of the STEINWAY International Piano Competition.

Performers: Emily Wang, Yo Yo & Jiang (Students of Emily Wang)



10 DEC 2022, SATURDAY, 4PM

Ms Winnie Tay, the founder of Song Without Words Music Studio, has cultivated numerous local and international prize winners. The studio aims to bring out the best in every student, focusing on developing their passion, lifelong learning, and love for music. The studio believes that 'doing your best is more important than being the best.

Performers: Newman, Jasmine, Winston, NFT, Newton, Monkeys & Keane (Students of NFT & Just Monkeys)



10 DEC 2022, SATURDAY, 5PM

Andrew holds a degree in engineering, but his love of music drives him back to the piano. With more than 30 years in piano playing and 20 years in teaching, he strives to have more chances to express himself in music.

Performer: Andrew Loh



11 DEC 2022, SUNDAY, 2PM & 3.30PM

The Piano Solution help students learn music efficiently while cultivating a passion and interest in its artistry. They encourage every child to open their mind to fresh experiences through music appreciation and understanding.

Performers: Ma Song Jun, Layein Lee, Casey Joo, Liu Yu Zhu, Tan Kee Chin, Cheah Ji Lin & Tee Shan Yi (Students of Piano Solution)



16 & 23 DEC 2022, FRIDAY, 7PM 

Music teacher, song producer and performer, Owenn is the finalist of the River Pearl Piano Competition 2022 and the Top 10 Outstanding Artist of Malaysia 2019. He specializes in improvised jazz and pop performances.

Performer: Owenn Tan 



17 DEC 2022, SATURDAY, 4PM

Jasmine is an experienced pianist and teacher who graduated from the China Conservatory of Music with 13 years of teaching experience in Singapore and 14 years of teaching experience in China.

Performer: Jasmine Xu



17 DEC 2022, SATURDAY, 5PM

Dorotheus Koh is an aspiring ten-year-old pianist currently obtaining a diploma certification. He was a quarterfinalist in the National Piano and Violin Competition and a Gold awardee in the Nanyang International Music Competition. His repertoire includes several complex pieces such as Chopin's Etude and "Cat and Mouse ".

Performer: Dorotheus Koh



25 DEC 2022, SUNDAY, 2PM

Di Dongtianhui is a very talented young pianist. With her perseverance and consistent practice, she has achieved great heights in graded exams and various national and international competitions. In 2022, she entered the professional category's semifinal of the 6th Steinway Youth Piano Competition.

Performer: Di Dongtianhui