How to earn points?

Earning points is an easy 3-step process:

  • Step 1: Shop at any participating retailers at participating malls.
  • Step 2: After payment has been made, cashier at participating retailers will key in the transaction details and upload the receipt image via the programme’s terminal.
  • Step 3: Great Rewards points are awarded immediately.
What is the minimum spend required for points to be awarded?
A minimum S$20 spend in a single receipt is required for points to be awarded and receipt submitted should not be later than the next day of purchase date, if it is not performed by the cashier at participating retailers.
How long does it take for the points to be credited?

If receipts are uploaded via Great Rewards mobile app, it will be processed within 5 working days from submission and points will be reflected in your account summary immediately upon approval.

What are the redemption rewards?
The rewards include:

  • 1,000 points = $5 Great Rewards Gift Voucher
  • 600 points = $3 carpark dollars
  • 400 points = $2 carpark dollars
  • 200 points = $1 carpark dollar
How many receipts can I scan in a day?

You can scan as many receipts in a day as long as they are receipts from purchases made by you, however points will not be awarded for subsequent receipt(s) submission, capped as below:

  • 3 same store purchases within the same day.
  • Maximum 1,000 points a day.
Where must the receipt of purchase be submitted?
Receipt images should be submitted at the cashier points of participating retailers or via the Great Rewards mobile app.
Can I use receipts made before the day I join the rewards programme?
No, receipts submitted must be from your join date of the rewards programme.
Must I upload the receipts on the same day of purchase?

All receipts must be uploaded no later than the next day of purchase (2359hrs). For example, if the receipt is dated 1 January 2022, the receipt must be uploaded no later than 2 January 2022, 2359hrs.

What is the point awarding system like?
Spend Tier Points Award
Every S$1 spent in a single transaction for all other retailers 1 point
Every S$2 spent in a single transaction for supermarkets 1 point
Is there an expiry date for the points accumulated?
All points earned in a calendar year will expire on 30 June of the following year. We may from time to time, amend the validity period of the points and the points not redeemed by the expiry date shall automatically expire.
Where can I view my accumulated points and expiry details?

Step 1: Launch the Great Rewards mobile app.
Step 2: Log in to your registered account.
Step 3: Select the e-wallet from the main menu and tap expiring points to view.

Is there a limit to the points I can accumulate within a day?
Members can earn up to a maximum of 1,000 points per day, which is also inclusive of birthday month privileges.
If my receipt is too long to be captured clearly, what should I do?
For long receipts, you may fold it at the portion describing the products purchase before uploading. The following information must be captured:

  • Mall Name, Shop Name and Unit Number
  • Transaction date and time
  • Receipt, transaction or tax invoice number
  • Total purchase amount
If I have receipts that are given to me, can I use it to earn the points?
Points can only be awarded for your own purchases. If any shopper is found using receipts other than their own purchases to accumulate points, Great Rewards reserves the right to terminate their membership.
Receipts that are not accepted for Great Rewards points earning includes:
  • Food delivery platforms i.e. Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Grabfood, WhyQ etc
  • Money changer
  • NETS / Credit / Debit Cards transaction slips
  • Pushcarts/Kiosks/Pop-Up Units
  • Temporary vendors at promotional spaces i.e. Atrium
  • Car grooming service
  • AXS / SAM payments
  • Cashcard / Stored Value Cards Top-Up/ Credit Package transactions, e.g. Food Junction Top-Up card, Starbucks Top-Up Card, Strip/Browhaus Credit Package etc
  • Bill payments
  • Lottery tickets
  • Purchase of vouchers (Great Rewards vouchers / Retailers’ gift vouchers)
  • Hotel and Serviced Apartments receipts
Why are my points not awarded according to the gross amount?
For every dollar spent, you will be entitled to points rounded down to the nearest dollar. Points are awarded based on the nett purchase value after deduction of discounts at all participating retailers.
Why does the system decline my receipts?
This usually happens when receipts scanned:

  • are not from participating retailers of Great World or Tanglin Mall
  • are not accepted in the programme
  • do not have the Mall Name, Shop Name or Unit Number
  • have conflicting information on the Mall Name, Shop Name or Unit Number
  • do not have transaction date or time
  • do not have receipt or transaction numbers
  • do not state the total purchase amount
  • are incomplete or cut off
The shop do not issue printed receipts, can I use the handwritten receipts to earn points?

You can earn points for handwritten receipts, if it is written clearly and contains these details:

  • Mall Name, Shop Name and Unit Number
  • Transaction date and time
  • Receipt, transaction or tax invoice numbers
  • Total purchase amount
Why can’t I have more than one receipt in one image?
Having more than one receipt in one image will result in missing or confusing information being captured by the system. The receipts will be declined, or you may end up with wrong amount of points being issued for your spending.
Where can I find my member QR code?

Log on to Great Rewards mobile app, select wallet from the main menu and tap the My QR icon.