What are Great Rewards e-Vouchers?

Great Rewards e-vouchers are electronic vouchers stored in a digital wallet which members can utilize via the Great Rewards mobile app.

How many types of denomination(s) are available?
  • $5 (For points redemption only)
  • $10
  • $20
  • $50
Can I purchase the eVouchers from the Great Rewards mobile app?

Purchase of e-Vouchers is available via the Great Rewards mobile app.

What are the payment types accepted for eVoucher purchase?
For online purchase via Great Rewards mobile app, you can use the following payment modes:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
How do I buy the e-Vouchers?

First, download the Great Rewards mobile app and sign up as member. Check out the Member’s Exclusives/Deals section in the Homepage and tap on ‘Buy’. Gift vouchers are also available for purchase via the Customer Service Counters of the participating malls.

Which are the retailers that accept the eVouchers?

You may refer to the respective malls’ shop directory at shop.greatworld.com.sg and www.tanglinmall.com.sg for more information.

Can I use multiple eVouchers at once?
Yes, you can use multiple eVouchers in a single transaction.
Do my e-Vouchers have an expiry date?

Yes. The expiry dates are shown in the e-Vouchers listed in the e-wallet.

What should I do with my expired eVouchers?

Extension of e-Vouchers is subjected to the discretion of the Management of the participating malls, we strongly encourage you to utilize the e-Vouchers within the stipulated timeframe. Please email to contact@greatrewards.com.sg for assistance.

My eVouchers vanished from the e-wallet! What happened?

When your e-Vouchers have been utilized at the retailers or have expired, the e-Vouchers will automatically be removed from the e-wallet. You can view them under the ‘Activity’ tab for details. However, if you are sure that there are missing e-Vouchers that are still valid and not utilized, please email contact@greatrewards.com.sg for assistance.

I have problems accessing my e-wallet, who can I contact?
For assistance, please email contact@greatrewards.com.sg.
Points redemption for e-Vouchers
  • How do I go about redeeming my points for the e-Vouchers?

    You may redeem your points for e-Vouchers through the Great Rewards mobile app when you have sufficient points (1,000 points and above).

  • Can I redeem my points for the e-Voucher through the website?

    Redemption of points is not available on the website at the moment. You can redeem your points via Great Rewards mobile app.

  • How is Great Rewards storing my personal information?

    For more information, kindly refer to the Great Rewards website for the terms & conditions and privacy policy.

Can I convert my physical voucher to e-Voucher?

No. The conversion of physical voucher to e-Voucher is not available.

e-Voucher Usage
  • How do I use the e-Voucher when I am in the store?

    Step 1: Launch the Great Rewards mobile app.
    Step 2: Select the e-Voucher(s) from e-wallet when the cashier of participating retailers is performing the transaction on the programme’s terminal.
    Step 3: Should you be unable to select the e-Voucher(s) or would like to utilize more e-Voucher(s), you may also present the voucher QR to scan and validate for the transaction. Member is not allowed to utilize e-Voucher(s) that does not belong to the member.
    Step 4: Terminal will indicate on the status of e-Voucher redemption when the voucher is successfully used.

My mobile screen has a crack; will the terminal be able to scan the eVoucher?

It is not advisable to scan on a mobile phone that has a cracked screen as scanning may not be accurate.

Can I store remaining value of the utilised e-Voucher in my e-wallet?

No. e-Voucher must be fully utilized when making payment as unused balance is not refundable or stored in your e-wallet. You may refer to our T&Cs here: greatrewards.com.sg/terms-conditions.

Can I send the e-Voucher as a gift to my friends and family?

Yes, you can send e-Voucher(s) as a gift to your friends and family via e-wallet in Great Rewards mobile app. If the recipient is also a Great Rewards member, the recipient will receive the in-app notification and the sender name will be stated on the voucher.

What happens if I change my mind on the e-Voucher gifting?
e-Vouchers that are gifted are not refundable and not returnable.