Carpark Redemption

How to redeem points for the carpark dollars?

Step 1: Launch the Great Rewards mobile app and select ‘Carpark’ tab from the main menu.
Step 2: Add vehicle and ensure the correct IU no. is captured in your member account.
Step 3: Select the amount of points for conversion to carpark dollars.
Step 4: Select ‘Redeem Now’ if the amount of carpark dollars is reflected correctly.
Step 5: Redeemed carpark dollars will be reflected in your mobile app.
Step 6: Unutilised carpark dollars will be forfeited at 23:59hours on the last day of calendar month which the redemption is made.
Step 7: Redemption of carpark dollars must be done at least 15 mins prior to exit.
Step 8: Ensure sufficient cash in the CashCard for any balance payment.

Can I redeem my points for carpark dollars through the website?

Redemption of the carpark dollars is not available via the website. You can redeem the carpark dollars via the Great Rewards mobile app.

How do I add IU number in Great Rewards mobile app?

Step 1: Launch Great Rewards mobile app.
Step 2: Select ‘Carpark’ tab from the main menu.
Step 3: Click + to add vehicle details.
Step 4: Update vehicle number & IU number and SAVE.
Step 5: There will be a message prompt if IU number successfully updated.

Can I register more than 1 IU number?

Yes. You can register up to a maximum 2 IU unique numbers per member.

Can the same IU number be input into different members’ account?

No. ONE (1) IU number can be tagged to ONE (1) member account only.

Any expiry for the utilized of carpark dollars?

The carpark dollars redeemed within the calendar month expire at 23:59hours on the last day of the calendar month, e.g. 31 Dec 2021 or
31 Jan 2022.

Can I extend my expired carpark dollars?
Carpark dollars cannot be extended and points redeemed is non-refundable.
Can I combine the usage of the carpark dollars with X-hour of complimentary carpark coupon issued by participating malls?

No. You can only use either carpark dollars or complimentary carpark coupon to offset your parking charges. 

How do I update new IU number?

Step 1: Launch the Great Rewards mobile app.
Step 2: Select ‘Carpark’ tab from the main menu.
Step 3: Tap on “Edit” icon at the right of your vehicle details. 
Step 4: Key in new IU number.
Step 5: Click on “Save” to complete. 

Always remember to check that the IU number has been entered correctly before exiting the mall as the carpark dollar will be deducted automatically. Once deducted, the carpark dollars are non-refundable and non-extendable.

Is the carpark dollars transferable?
Carpark dollars is non-transferable and non-refundable.
What are the Terms & Conditions relating to carpark dollars?

You may refer to our T&Cs here:

I am having issues with the carpark redemption, who can I contact?
Please email for assistance.